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Hello IPv6

Hello everyone.

There has been a lot of change since last year. It is so good to have second chance.

So there is new major version for Chute iOS and Chute macOS. The new version brings features like XTLS, VLESS support, better Chute Dashboard and more.

In this article, I will introduce the big change in our applicaiton, which is IPv6 support.

What is IPv6?

IPv6 is the next generation network protocol for your device. The old one is IPv4. The main different you can see with IPv6 is that your host change from to 1600:0000:abcc:2301:8899. Which means your IP address has been changed.

Why upgrade to IPv6?

IPv4 could only present IP address with numbers. So the limitation of the number of the IP address cause a lot of problem. You can not get one IP address just for yourself, you have to share one IPv4 address with other to access to the internet. However, other people could not access your device via shared IPv4 address. If you want to build a website, you need to pay a great money to purchase one IPv4 address to let other people enjoy your website.

With IPv6, every sand in the world could get one indivisual IPv6 address, there is no problem for the Internet today.

But, IPv6 is very different with IPv4. For proxy builder, this means a lot of test and change.

The old version support IPv6 with a lot of bugs, but we can not test them because we could not get IPv6 access. Since the war happend and everything changed, we finally get our own IPv6 endpoint.

During the last month, we have test a lot case with IPv6 network, a lot bugs have been fixed.

Now as the new version is complete and submit to App Store, most of our users could get full IPv6 feature as soon as possible.

I do think this is a new start for Chute, just like we had a new start for Chute Devs.

We thank everyone who purchases or uses our application. And we hope you enjoy your network with Chute.


Chute Devs