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Introduce to Chute iOS Scheme

Hello everyone. After a long and busy time, we finally meet again.

In this long time, we have try our best to beat COVID-19 which means lock ourself at home. The online communication is great, but could not talk to other face to face does make debug and developing work a little bit harder.

We release our Chute iOS 1.0.0 & 1.0.1 in plan. But the development of Chute Mac and Chute Dashboard is facing some problems, and we need more time to code. We do believe everything will be fine after all.

We have spend last two month to go thoungh every crash log we have collected and figured the bug then fixed every one of them. Because of this, the next version which is 1.0.2 for Chute iOS and 1.0.3 for Chute Mac will be the most stable version we have ever created.

We will release these two version very soon after this blog. There won’t be too long.

However, in this blog we won’t talk about the bugs we fixed. As the title shown, we will talk about our new feature for Chute iOS, the scheme support.

If you check the Chute Manual, and your should, in the URL Scheme chapter you will find out the way to config switch chute tunnel by using iOS scheme.

In the Chute iOS 1.0.2 version, the app will process the scheme start with chute:// protocol. And there is 3 actions support by this version: start tunnel/stop tunnel/switch tunnel.

With these actions, you could make up your own Shortcut or just switch tunnel from other app by using scheme.

Moreover, Chute iOS scheme processer supports x-callback-url. You could define x-success and x-error in your scheme. Chute will process your next action after complete the scheme action.

For example, you could have a scheme like this:


This scheme will open Chute iOS and try to start tunnel. If tunnel starts, Chute iOS will open sms:// scheme which means open iOS SMS application.

If start tunnel action fail which happens when tunnel is already running, Chute iOS will show alert message to you. After you click OK, Chute iOS will open tel:// scheme which means open iOS Phone application.

With these powerful shceme, we believe you can make your automatic life much more easiler.

If your have any suggests or questions about Chute iOS or Chute Mac, you can always send e-mail to our Support Mailbox. We will get touch with you soon after we receive your e-mail.


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